Videos from My Conference Talks

From the many videos taken during my conference talks, I selected for you the ones with the best audio, video and content quality.

If you look for something specific and it's not listed here, you'll probably find it searching for my videos on YouTube or for my videos on Vimeo.

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The Expectation

Going to the roots to create the right expectations.


Presented at Agile Prague 2014.


Presented at Better Software 2014.


How business intent drives your Agile initiatives.


Presented at Agile Central Europe 2013.


Presented at Italian Agile Days 2013.

Update Your Wetware

The change of business models in modern IT.


Presented at Agile Adria 2014.


Presented at Better Software 2013.

Overcoming Self-organization Blocks

Leveraging knowledge work in functional IT teams.


Presented at GeeCON 2012.

The Beating Heart of Agile

Leveraging knowledge work in functional IT teams.


Presented at Agile Eastern Europe 2012.

Bonus Track: Interview on Agile adoption in Italy

At .NET Campus 2012 in Rome, I got interviewed by on the progress of Agile adoption in Italy.

Italian Only

Recorded at .NET Campus 2012.

Bonus Track: I Interview Simone on DSDM

While I was at the Agile Business Conference 2013 in London, I interviewed Simone Onofri about DSDM and the DSDM Consortium.

English Only

Recorded at Agile Business Conference 2013.