Professional Services

Companies usually call me in because they want to improve their IT production processes or, in general, change their organization and implement better, more efficient and sustainable approaches.

Organizational change management is a complex subject, and one where there is occasionally some confusion about functions and activities (like in the case of the “Agile Coach” or “Change Agent” roles) so I believe it’s useful to clarify what I do.

The Three Basic Services

In assisting my clients I provide three basic kinds of services, summarized as:

Depending on the specific context and on the goal that we want to reach, each of these three activities can have a different influence but, generally speaking, results come from some combination of all three.

Who Gets Involved

The other important aspect is who gets involved in these activities.

For organizational and change management themes I generally work side-by-side with managers and executives. Given their highly decisional role, in this case I focus more on management coaching and consulting.

This is particularly useful for managers and it provides them with different perspectives, a richer solution space and a sparring partner in a safe environment to validate their ideas and opinions.

When it comes to implementing practical methods and techniques, I work with leaders and technical teams. In this case the activities tend to gravitate more around team coaching and training.