Agile Facilitation Skills

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Communication is a critical success factor in all Agile projects. You need it to promote shared understanding and alignment between people with very different goals, responsibilities and perspectives, such as managers, domain experts, end users, technical experts and development teams – in other words, all stakeholders.

It’s no coincidence that the first value of the Agile Manifesto is Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools and that one of its principles states that the most efficient and effective method of conveying information [...] is face-to-face conversation.

These interactions happen constantly during the lifetime of a project, starting with the inception phase and then continuing on with all the opportunities Agile provides to bring people into the same room, where they can learn and get feedback.

Release planning meetings, iteration planning meetings, retrospectives, reviews and backlog refining meetings are all valuable opportunities to learn about how much value the project is generating, to review decisions that were made in an earlier phase, to manage risk and to let people learn about themselves and the way they work, so that they can improve.

To reap the benefits of these learning opportunities, your meetings need to be efficient, energetic, focused and participative. They also need to produce concrete results that you can put into action. Finally, they must make the best use of time of all the people attending, which is one of the most valuable resources you have available.

Fully participative meetings will tap into the collective intelligence of the group, thus improving product design, project execution and risk management.


Who This Is For

Product Owners, given the high degree of communication and negotiation and comes with their role, will especially benefit from attending this workshop.

Main Topics

Basic Information

The duration of the workshop is one day. Maximum number of attendees is 20. Depending on the location, the workshop will be taught in English or in Italian.

For any other information about this workshop, please just contact me.

What Attendees Say

Andrea responded to our individual questions/problems in a very pleasant and competent way.

Andreas Simon, independent Scrum Master and Coach

Great way to learn how to facilitate and run effective meetings.

Bring your questions! Andrea is great in answering spontaneous questions!

Simply amazing. A must for everyone who deals with leading people and/or meetings, not even necessary to be Agile. Join it and you'll never have to hear 'not another meeting!' again.

Very useful for everyone who wants to improve their facilitation skills.


Very good workshop for Agile facilitation. Just like the title says.