Value Mapping Workshop

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Agile methods for software production aim, among other things, at “satisfying the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software” (quoted from the Agile Manifesto).

For this to yield the best business results, however, a clear and shared understanding of what value means is required among all stakeholders involved in your software initiative, so that we can make the best use of the available time and money to generate the desired business outcome.

During this workshop you will learn, by practical exercises: how the concept of “value” differs for different stakeholders and how to take a system view over the concept of value; several ways to make this complexity visible and quantified; various practices to establish a common language in the execution of your software initiative; and facilitation techniques that will help you reduce the dark spots in the definition of objectives.

This workshop is different from others on a similar topics because of the systemic and humanistic perspective is offers on the management of value inside an organizational ecosystem.


Who This Is For

Since the generation of value is affected by all actors in a software initiative, this workshop is appropriate for both technical and management people.

The following roles might be especially interested in the concepts presented:

Main Topics


A customized version of this workshop can be arranged on-site and it's especially useful at the onset of a new project, or at the beginning of a new milestone, to create alignment and focus on the project objectives.


The duration of the workshop is one day. Maximum number of attendees is 24. Depending on the location, the workshop will be taught in English or in Italian.

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