If you are thinking one year ahead, sow seed.
If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree.
If you are thinking one hundred years ahead, educate the people. Kuan Tze, Chinese poet, 400 B.C.

Some of the greatest benefits of adopting an Agile or Lean approach come from the way all people involved (stakeholders, client, supplier, managers, business people and technical people) interact and cooperate in reaching together a shared business goal.

These workshops go beyond the basic practices of Agile/Lean software development and address advanced themes related to cultural change, leadership, management, collaboration and collective intelligence.

To truly learn something we need to practice it and share it. That's why about 50% of the time during the workshops sees the active participation of the attendees. My hundreds of days of teaching experience will take care of the rest.

You can also bring the workshops in-house with just a little preparation required. However, there are many good reasons to attend a public event, and many others to organize an in-house private training.

If you are considering these two options, I suggest that you contact me. I'll be glad to share my experience with you and help you make the best decision.

Agile Leadership and Self-organization

A one-day, hands-on workshop on the competitive advantage of self-organizing teams; and on the role and skills of modern Agile leaders and managers in making this happen.

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Value Mapping

A one-day, hands-on workshop about managing value in the development of a software product or project, from a strongly systemic and organizational point of view.

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Agile Facilitation Skills

A one-day, hands-on workshop on running efficient and effective Agile meetings; and on how to speed up the progress of your Agile initiatives through improved communication and collaboration.

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